What is Travelience?

Travelience is a start up company looking to help tourists make the most out of trip to Japan and see it like through the eyes of a local. Sign up for our Asakusa tour today and discover the wonderful traditions of Japan!

What sets Travelience’s tours apart from other tour goups?

All our guides are professional and certified by the government and will guide you to places only locals know about. Public transportation is used to reach each of the destinations. Although a tour bus might be convenient, you don’t know where you are. Our slogan ‘More knowledge, More fun!’ All the guides are very knowledgeable about Japanese culture and history, so feel free to ask them any question.

When do I pay for the tour?

There are two ways to pay depending on when the tour is booked. You can but in advance through Paypal no later than the 13th of the month prior to the scheduled tour date. When a booking is made on or after the 13th of the month prior to the secheduled tour date, payment will be paid through Paypal and the payment due date will be set by Travelience. When a booking a made one day prior to the group tour, payment must be paid in cash on the day of the scheduled tour before the start of the tour.

Can I use credit cards or any foreign currencies?

Sorry, we accept only cash and in Japanese Yen when a tour is booked one day prior to the scheduled tour date. You can withdraw Japanese currencies using a foreign cash card in any Japanese Post office. If you booked a tour more than one day in advance before the scheduled tour date, you can pay through Paypal.

Who are the tour guides?

Professionals who have the certification licenses. Again, we value time and believe tour guides should be up most highest quality to deliver an experience that will be remembered. Not only are the tour guides deeply knowledgeable about Japan’s culture and history, they are quite friendly too! That’s why our policy is “More Knowledge, More Fun!”.
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Do you do private tours?

Yes,we do! The advantage of doing a private is that you can arrange your own personal itinerary. You decide there the tour starts from, where it should finish and how long it will last.