Hi, I'm Yuriko, I am passionate about Japanese culture, especially Japanese martial arts and drums. I have practiced Kendo (the way of the sword) for many years and I am a black belt! In addition to my love for Kendo, I also love to play the Japanese drums (Wadaiko). I have performed Wadaiko at summer festivals and special events. It is very exciting! I would like to share my love of Japanese culture with you! Come and join our tour and let me show you my beautiful country as we explore together! My motto is ‘Let’s enjoy together!’


I am a typical Japanese woman who loves cooking, tea ceremony, going around Tokyo to discover something new and fun. I promise that you will know what a real local Tokyoite is like after taking part in my tours. I have visited about 30 countries and have wonderful memories being exploring fascinating places with the local guides. Now, as a local guide myself, I wish to also extend the same sense of hospitality and warmth to you so that you will also have the most memorable time in Japan! My motto is to “Treasure every meeting as if it is the last”.

>> My Interests:
Cooking, Tea ceremony, Reading (on Japanese and other cultures), Picnic, visiting art galleries

>> Certifications:
Part-time Lecturer of tea ceremony, interior coordinator, 8-year experience as a flight attendant


Konnichiwa I am Yakko. I was born and raised in Japan, and have lived in Tokyo for 16 years since I got married. In college, I majored in English literature, and love international relations, having traveled to many countries (over 20, to be precise). I know a great deal about Tokyo spots and restaurants... some of my favorites are Asakusa, Harajuku, and Shinjuku. My hobbies include cycling, watching movies, and watching baseball games and Sumo matches. I am passionate about various aspects of Japanese traditional culture, especially Kimono (traditional clothing), of course Sake !! I look forward to meeting you in my beloved Tokyo.


Hello! I’m Keiko. I’ve been a guide interpreter since 2014. I will be grateful if I could introduce you to a lot of attractive places in Tokyo in our tours. I am into Japanese food, Karaoke and films (I'm a huge Blade Runner fan). Let's enjoy Tokyo together!


I grew up in Yokohama (outskirts of Tokyo), went to university of Denver in the U.S and lived in Toronto. Now I am a Tokyoite, mother of three and a licensed tour guide. l love to explore the town and nature. I am looking forward to showing you the secrets of Tokyo.


Hi, I'm Yuka and I have been a tour guide for 10 years now. I want to be more of your good friend in Japan than a "tour guide," so my guiding style can be a bit laid-back compared to ordinary guides. I would be your Personal Guide in Yokohama and Kamakura, the complete reference for anyone visiting here showing you what’s new, what’s on and what’s best in this great cities. My focus is to develop a friendly, person-to-person relationship. I won't just be giving you a standard tour, but I will be giving you a glimpse into Japanese life from a local point of view along with the historical and cultural explanations. I am also a mum of 2 girls and would love meeting little friends from all over the world as well as grown-up.