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Japanese style cuisine has something for everyone…vegans, vegetarians and Muslims are welcome!

A professor from India visited a university in Japan once and because of his cultural and religious beliefs he has to follow a strict diet, so he couldn't enjoy such dishes as yakiniku (grilled...

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If you want to know weather forecast

you can check Japan Meteorological Agency. I hope it will be sunny tomorrow! by Naoaki

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Tokyo Locals Enjoy A Variety Of Delicious Meals vol2

Udon cont. from OK, let's go daily. Udon is one of the noodles often eaten in Japan, like Soba noodles or Ramen...

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A wide variety of events in Japan “JAPAN ATTRACTIONS”

Recently, it has become easy to get information of Japan in English. However, there are a lot of tourist spots’ information, it is surprisingly hard to find local limited-time events. If you are in...

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If you want to know the exchange rate

You can check this website. By Naoaki

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