Our Unique History

Travelience Inc. is a tour company, established Feb 2013.
Highly scored on Tripadvisor, we are the No.1 activity planners in the Taito area. Our motto is “More Knowledge, More Fun” as we believe deep cultural understanding will make your travel special. Our guides know a lot about the culture, history and gourmet of Tokyo. We know your time is short and precious, and we’re sure our inexpensive and informative tours will make it a time-effective and memorable experience.

Company Mission Statement

To encourage people to engage into travelling by providing interesting opportunities and experiences.

A Five-Star Tour Experience

We want all of our customers to rave about their time with us, and our Mission Statement promises that we’re going to give you our very best effort each and every time.

There are countless details that we focus on to ensure that we provide the highest quality of service to our guests. From how we answer the phone, respond to emails, say “hello”, etc. we are committed to making your time in Japan with us the best it can possibly be. Here are a few of our favorite characteristics that we feel separate us from the rest:


Letter from the Owner


Naoaki Hashimoto


Travelling was my passion in life before it became my business. While still a student, I went on the first of what became a long series of backpacking adventures abroad. After graduating from Waseda University, I worked for a time at Accenture, a leading business and technology consulting firm. Later I served as a sales for a travel portal site. In 2012, I took nine months and spent them travelling to thirty-three countries; it was during this voyage of discovery that I determined to create a travel business of my own. For me, visiting another country is an endless round of stimulation: opportunities to meet new people, to experience their culture and lifestyle, to confront and begin to understand ways of thinking that are different from my own – not to mention the great varieties of food, drink and entertainment. I believe, along with the rest of the Travelience staff, that every day of a trip should be memorable. Personally, I can’t remember how many times I have been to the movies, but I can remember every trip I have taken in my life. I forget what I did on the 3rd day of March two years ago, but I remember in detail what I did on the 3rd day of my last trip. I would like to see every visitor we serve come away feeling as I always have at the end of a trip. I can promise you that Japan and its capital are a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be shared. Our job – and our personal satisfaction – is to make each of them unforgettable.