Also called “Akiba” and “electric city”, the district is well known for its numerous electronic shops and game centers but also for its “maid cafes”.
Let’s walk around and discover some places you may never find elsewhere from Japan like:
•Electronic shop spread on 7 floors. From cameras to massage chairs, but also kitchen devices, gadgets for your mobile phone, eyelash curlers or outdoor barbecue, that’s the place to go!
•Mega Game center: A place where you can play all day long. From “Ufour catchers” to bring teddy bears, toys or candies back home; individual games; games you can play with friends; electronic card games; and also the famous “purikura” machines to take crazy funny pictures.
•Enter the comics culture in one of this multi-floored building and find rare editions of your favorite manga book, and goodies of your favorite character.
•Don Quijote: In this at least 5 floored-building, you can find a wide range of articles from beauty products to food, luggage, gadgets. Check the blue penguin on the front.
Don Quijote
•Take a rest in one of those themed cafes that Tokyo is famous for. For example, Gundam Café themed from the famous giant robots anime; AKB48 Café and Theater, where you can listen and buy goodies from Japan’s most famous girls band or…
gundamu cafe
•Maid Cafés: where the waitresses are dressed as maids and call you “master” or “mistress”. If most of the clientele is made of men, girls are allowed as well. With extra fee, you can play games or take a picture with the maid.
maid cafe
To sum up, even if you’re not what people can easily call “a geek”, don’t miss Akihabara because the amazing shops, the colourful signboards and the noisy shop announcements are worth visiting. This tour is aiming to introduce you to this aspect of Japanese culture.
by Volatiana
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