What time should I go?
When you visit Tsukiji Fish Market to see the tuna auction, I recommend you to go there around 4:00 a.m.!
Actually, the market opens for visitors at 5:00 but the number of people who can enter is only 120 per day. First come first served. You may miss the chance if you go near 5:00 a.m.
Is there any public transporation in that time?
You need to take a taxi to Tsukiji Fish Market, because there are no public transportation in the early morning.
ex.: from Shinjuku, the cost would be around 3,500 yen, and it would take 20 min.
: from Tokyo station, the cost would be around 1,300 yen, and it would take 10 min.
Say just two words, “Kachidoki-mon Gate, Tsukiji Fish Market” to the driver, you get to the entrance of Tsukiji Fish Market. (The market has some gates, so you need to say Kachidoki-mon gate.)
You can easily find out a sign of “Fish Information Center” which is the reception and registration office for visitors of the tuna auction.
When the fixed number of visitors has already been filled, the office is to be closed.
Visitors are to be divided into two groups. The first group starts the tour at 5:25a.m. and finishes at 5:50a.m. The second one starts at 5:50a.m. and finishes at 6:15a.m.
You are given a vest to wear during the tour.
Is there any good restaurant for breakfast around the market?
After the tour you can have a good breakfast in “Uogashi Yokochou” in the market or in the outer market which is called Jougai in Japanese. Restaurants there are often used by wholesalers after auctions and that’s why they serve good dishes. Sushi are not cheap there, with high quality and reasonable price. (around 2,000yen ~)
Basic information:
■No charge for admission
■No booking is required
■Photography is O.K. but no flash
■All the member in your group should stand in a line. (not only representative)
■People on a wheelchair needs a companion.
■You can’t carry large belongings or a buggy in.
■There would be plenty of time before the tour, so I recommend you to bring something with you to kill time.
■It must be cold in a waiting room in winter because it’s just a simple concrete room. It might be good for you to dress warmly.
■You can get the information about the meeting point and rules from the following site;
Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest market in the world and visiting the tuna auction must be fun.
Enjoy it!

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