Summer will come soon!! And when the rainy season is over (June and July) many people flock to the beaches. You have a limited window of time to go swimming because jellyfish usually appear around August 15th. So, if you are lucky enough to plan your trip at this time, why not check out one of the beaches around the Tokyo Metro area?
So how do you like to spend your time at the beach? Here are some things you can do at a beach in Japan. Play a game. Enjoy a cold beer at a 'Umi no Ie' (beach house). Eat delicious food, such as curry rice, yakisoba and ramen. Cool off with a cup of kakigori (shaved ice topped with flavored syrup).
1. Yuigahama Beach
This beach is very big and well-known, so expect a lot of crowds. The beach is about 900 meter long. You can also enjoy watching a nice sunset in the evening.
from 鎌倉市観光協会

PLACE: Yuigahama, Kamakurashi, Kanagawa prefecture
ACCESS: About 16 walk minutes from Kamakura Station (JR line)
From Shinjuku Station board the Yokosuka Line and take the train going towards Zushi

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At this beach you can enjoy good food and a great view. Sardine cavier is a very delicious delicacy here. So why not give it a try?
from 鎌倉市観光協会

PLACE: Inamuragasaki, Kamakurashi, Kanagawa prefecture
ACCESS: About 5 walk minutes from Inamuragasaki Station of Enoshima Railway
From Shinjuku Station board the Odayku Line which turns into the the Odakyu Enoshima Line going towards Fujisawa Station and transfer to the tram line for Inamuragasaki Station at Fujisawa Station

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Shonan Hiratsuka Beach Park
If you like beach sports, this beach is a popular place to play volleyball, soccer and etc.
shonan hiratuka beach park
PLACE: Asamatyou, Hiratsukashi, Kanagawa prefecture
ACCESS: About 20 walk minutes from Hiratsuka Station (JR line)
From Shinjuku Station board the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line going towards Odawara

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