You may be interested in buying a camera in Tokyo. If that's the case, you should check out these extensive articles written by Bellamy Hunt, who is a camera buyer based in Japan and runs Japan Camera Hunter.
Part 1 covers Shinjuku. It also has a section on "Buying Rules" where Bellamy teaches you essential manners for when you go shopping in a camera shop in Japan.
Part 2 covers Ginza and surrounding areas.
Part 3 covers Northern Tokyo, including Ueno area and Akihabara area.
Bellamy also has a map of camera shops he writes about in his articles.
If you want to read a comprehensive summary of each article, you can do so from this page.
Now that you know where to go for your camera shopping… what photos do you want to take, using your new camera? Keep an eye out for this blog and follow Travelience's facebook page, because we introduce you to interesting places to visit in Tokyo regularly.
Photo by: Kate Davidson