If you are interested in events in Tokyo, but don't know where to look, then these websites will help you get more options for what to do in Tokyo and help you experience a face of Tokyo you would never see otherwise.
Are you interested in art? Music? Seasonal events? Sports? Fashion? No worries, the following websites will help you.

If you are interested in art...

Tokyo Art Beat

Check out Tokyo Art Beat. You will find information on art events in Tokyo, and you will soon realize you need to extend your stay in Japan so you can visit all these art events and venues.

If you are interested in music…

Tokyo Gig Guide

Tokyo Gig Guide is here for you, especially if you want to know more about local music venues and events in Tokyo. It covers a variety of genres (from electronic to jazz to hardcore punk, for example) and venues, so you'll be able to find gigs in your favorite music genre. Tokyo Gig Guide also has an useful page on how to buy gig tickets in Japan.

If you are interested in seasonal events and festivals…

Go Tokyo

Go Tokyo will give you some insights about these seasonal events and festivals in Tokyo. These events will be perfect if you want to visit Japan, looking for traditional things that are still practiced today. Check out other pages on this site as well, because it offers you a comprehensive travel guide to Tokyo too.

If you are interested in everything else…

Everything else???
Well, yes. That's such a huge jump, right?
But that's pretty much these 2 websites will help you discover in Tokyo.


Metropolis's event listing page has 13 categories. Concerts, stage, dance, clubbing, exhibitions, sports, festivals, forums&expos, bazaars&markets, community, learning, other events, and film. If you don't find your interests in these categories, what are you interested in?

Time Out Tokyo

Some great things about Time Out Tokyo is that 1) you can read event descriptions, 2) you can get detailed information about events, and 3) you can see a map on the event's information page. This will be a great place to start if you want to get a general idea of what events are happening in Tokyo.

And if you are interested in the kind of events where you will get to experience Tokyo...


Yes, we could help you! See our list of daily tours. It's fun to go to gigs, art events, or traditional festivals. And it's just as (or even more) fun to explore Tokyo, with the help of your professional tour guide who will help you see Tokyo better than a normal tourist and satisfy your curiosity!
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Photo by Jrim