It has been close to 3 years since the greatest earthquake in Japan struck the Tohoku region, pummeling gigantic tsunami waves that devoured the coastal towns, and triggering the breakdown of the cooling system of Daiichi Fukushima Nuclear Plants. Since then, Tohoku region has been closely associated with earthquakes and tsunami, whereas Fukushima has become synonymous with nuclear radiation. A truly sad but undeniable truth.
So, what has become of Fukushima since then?
The reality is, almost everyone within the radiation affected areas has evacuated out and are living new lives somewhere else. Part of Fukushima has become a ghost town.
This picture shows a vending machine abandoned in the middle of a godforsaken green field, where radiation is probably at dangerously high levels.
The wind chime shuffles a tinkling sound occasionally, but no one is in sight.
Bicycles strewn all over the ground. No one to pick them up. Probably no one would touch them for a long time.
The signboard reads: Nuclear Power- Energy Source for a Brighter Future
Remnants of a school hall. Effects of the earthquake seen from the floors jutting out.
When night falls, the street lamps light up a deserted town.
How will Fukushima recover from here?