We recently guided a family from USA who were currently undertaking a world trip. And Japan was one of our their stops. They showed us the their blog and they even mentioned us! I was so happy so they mentioned us in their story of their travels. They're heading to China after Japan. I hope they enjoy their time in China, too!! Safe journey!
>>from their blog<<

We ended up choosing Travelience. It's name is a combination of travel and experience and was founded by a seasoned traveler who spent 9 months of 2012 visiting 33 countries and decided to set up a travel business. Because it’s a relatively new outfit, the hope is that the service will be even better than the big guide companies. For Tokyo, we will take their group tour of West Tokyo, but for Nikko, they will take us by the hand. The added bonus is that we get to take the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nikko.

Thank you for choosing us and I'm looking forward to the new post about your time in Japan!!