Imperial Palace in Tokyo Japan
Imperial Palace is a dwelling place fit for a king. It is standing right where Edo Castle used to be, where the Imperial Family lived. Surrendered by huge stone walls ad moats, this place feels like the safest place in Japan. The place oozes of power and culture, a combination that can only be achieved by authentic historical places.
It is just a few steps away from Tokyo station, 10 minutes away, to be exact, which makes it very accessible. It will help people save travel time so they can have more time to explore what Tokyo has to offer. This place is very accessible for those who are flying to and from Narita.
Guests start being amazed at the time that they set foot on Kokyo Gaien. This spacious plaza welcomes guests and ushers them to the Nijubashi. They will surely feel like Japanese nobility as they walk through these bridges. These bridges look like a pair of eyeglasses and are sturdy as bridges could be. January 2 and December 23 are the most important days for the Imperial Palace and its visitors. These are the only dates when guests are allowed to enter the palace buildings. Also on these dates, they are free to enter the inner gardens. January 2 is the day when the Imperial Family welcomes the New Year. December 23, on the other hand, is the emperor’s birthday. On these days, members of the Imperial Family appear from the balcony to the delight of guests.
Tourists are welcome to visit, though, all year round except for Mondays, Fridays, and some special occasions. They can join guided tours so that they can learn more about the place aside from appreciating its beauty. English materials are provided including pamphlets and audio guides. These help ensure that guests will understand everything about the Imperial palace easily and clearly. These materials may be used at no cost at all. An informational video will be shown before the tour starts. It lasts for ten minutes but it will tell the guests things that they should know about Imperial Palace.
Free tours are given and reservations have to be made online.
Good Exercise:
Walking around the palace grounds gives a person a good exercise. It is big and although the walk may be a bit tiring, it will all be worth it as the guests’ senses are satisfied in every turn. They will surely have a great time taking photos of the place and sharing these photos with their friends. Bringing a camera to the Imperial Palace is a must.
Should the guests need to use any of the lockers, they will have to give a deposit of 100 yen. However, it will be returned to them after they returned their locker’s key. Toilets are also available for the guests’ convenience.
Imperial Palace tours are not advertised much but people who enter the premises of the palace usually goes home with a big smile on their face and a smile in their hearts.
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