Imperial Palace Tokyo
Imperial Palace may seem to be an evasive gem but a person can get to know the place through the free guided tours offered for guests. These tours should be booked over the internet to assure a slot for the guest or guests. This will let them explore the palace grounds and be touched by the place’s rich historical background.
Palace Grounds:
The huge grounds take about one and a half hour to complete including the ten-minute informational video that marks the beginning of the tour. This place of power and prestige is full of lush greens and shades provided by the trees that serve as people’s canopies should they need to rest. It is a rarity right in the midst of the busy city of Tokyo. It is a great contrast from the city’s hustle and bustle. While inside the palace premises, guests may even totally forget that they are in Tokyo.

Cross the Bridge:
The bridges are considered one of the best features of the Imperial Palace. Countless photos of it are taken and there are a lot of artists who painted or drew these bridges. Its beauty is emphasized by the durability of its materials and the monstrosity of strength and stability that it symbolizes. These bridges are perfect photo subjects as well as perfect spots for taking photos of all the wonders in and around the Imperial Palace. From here, guests can see most of what Tokyo has to offer.
The place was destroyed during World War II and its history made Japan decide to build the Imperial Palace right on the place where Edo Castle was located before it was brought down into ruins.
The place features Fushimi-yagura which is probably the castle that serves as the main attraction of the place and of the tour. It was moved from Kyoto.
Special Days:
A lot of people prefer to visit the Imperial Palace on two specific dates: January 2 for the celebration of New Year and December 23 for the celebration of the emperor’s birthday. On these days, the Imperial Family comes out to welcome the tourists themselves. These are done in the Chowaden Hall. It is the biggest building in Imperial Palace. It is a special occasion that a lot of people visit the place for. However, there are also people who prefer to visit the place on other dates just so they will not be going on days when there will surely be a big crowd.
Hasuikebori is another historical sight to behold. It used to be the Privy Council Building. Guests are amazed at this moat which is full of lotus. East Gardens is another place of beauty. It may be accessed any time of the year except for Mondays and Fridays.
Previous visitors and tourism experts recommend that people visit the place during spring. This is the time when cherry blossoms are in bloom. However, people who come and visit the place in autumn can still enjoy the lush, full leaves of the cherry blossoms.
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