Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace is where the Imperial Family lives. A glimpse of their home will make tourists feel the touch of history and the beauty of nature and manmade parts of the place. The former Edo Castle took the form of the Imperial Palace just like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a world war. It is definitely a site worthy of a visit especially of history lovers.
Aside from the palace’s rich history, tourists also enjoy the beauty of flowers, trees, buildings, and bridges that are all found in the Imperial Palace. These are reasons why tourists come to visit and return whenever they are in Tokyo. It is a pleasant change from the busy city. It is the perfect place where people can put their feet up, let their hair down, and just relax.
The gardens are perfect for taking pictures, for appreciating the view, and for taking a breather from the toxic city life. Tourists are sure to enjoy and appreciate the lush greens and the pretty blooms in the gardens around the Imperial Palace. One of the most popular spots in the palace grounds is the sakura garden.
People are not allowed to go inside the palace for security reasons. However, the gardens are enough reasons to go and enough reasons to leave tourists in awe of what they see. While in the grounds, people can get a closer look at the materials that were used to build the castle. Tourists admire the huge stones that provided ultra strong foundation for the castle. These stones show strength and power. These are perfect for the Imperial Family who deserves nothing less than the best. Tourists are always amazed by the castle’s ancient, sophisticated architecture. They also admire the materials, architecture, and construction of the defending walls. Once can easily be taken back to a time of battle just by seeing and touching these walls. People are impressed on how these huge stones are stacked and created to protect the safety and security of the Imperial Family.
Another piece of history is presented to the tourists through a museum which holds objects and information of the contemporary Imperial Family history. It is a perfect place for people to learn about this history. This museum is called Museum of Imperial Collections. It also features more than 5000 works of art that were placed in the Imperial Palace. People also loved the moats and the watchtower.
The place offers a free guided tour. However, tourists need to book online since only a specific number of people are allowed to join the tour to avoid overcrowding. Doing this will ensure that the tour participant will enjoy the tour and that they will not have a hard time hearing and understanding what is happening and what the place is all about. Tourists may enter through any of Imperial Palace’s three gates namely Ote-mon, Hirakawa-mon, and Kitahanebashi-mon.
It is recommended that people visit the place on January 2 or December 23 when they will be allowed to get into some parts of the castle that are not usually open to the public.
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