International Party “Spring Holic” in Ginza, Sun June 9th 2013
On Sun June 9th, a new international party will be held in Ginza
Great opportunity for making friends, exchange and network.
All the drinks and foods are served COD
Feel free to come to our party, even you come by yourself.
Our staff will manage all the guests to participate our party, and to share meaningful time all together!
We can't wait to see you soon!!!!
Date: Sun June 9th 2013.
Location:R's Cafe weekend, Ginza
Adress: 4F of 8-4-23 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo
4min walk from Ginza station, next to Ginza Nikko Hotel
Entrance Fee: JPY 1,000
Drinks and Food: COD
Guest must be over the age of 20 with valid photo ID to enter.
Accepted IDs are Passport, Foreign Identification and Resident Registration Card.
Only cash accepted, no credit cards accepted.
Please send a registration mail to until 1 day before the party, noting below info.
- Date of the party (Sun June 9th)
- Full names of all the attendances
Dress Codes:
Casual. No flip-flaps, no shorts.
Smoking area provided separately
Cloak available
For registration and for more info: