2020 Olympic host candidate city, Tokyo, is stressing and appealing it's safety.
But most people would wonder, "Is Japan really a safe country after the earthquakes and radiation problems?"
I would say “Yes” to the question.
Indeed, we still have many problems to solve and deal with after we suffered damage from natural disasters like earth quakes, Tsunami, nuclear accident...but!

TMG provide information on air radiation levels in Tokyo in English

In order for foreigners to understand the safety of Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government established the official website in English to provide information on air radiation levels in Tokyo.
The governor Naoki INOSE stressed and said “Radiation levels in Tokyo is not different from the ones in New York, London or Paris.”
They also provide the radioactive material tests results of tap water, food distributing in Tokyo, beef slaughtered in Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market.
One of the reasons they felt the need to provide information in English is because Tokyo is candidate city to become a host 2020 Summer Olympic.
So yes, we are the safe country, because we are at least trying to be safe paying attention and being responsible.
We really would like to welcome foreigners to the country, Japan, that we love and care, and help you discover our goodness. Our hospitality, kindness, wormth, friendliness...and more!
I hope we become a host country of 2020 Olympic Games!
Monitored data on environmental radiation levels in Tokyo
Results on purified water at water purification plant
TMG's (Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s) Disaster Prevention Information
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