Thinking of visiting Japan soon?
The total number of visitors to Japan has increased more than 30% in Feb 2013 than last year (Feb 2012). One of the main reasons of this trend is that Japanese yen getting cheaper!

Now, in April, the weather is one of the best of all season.
In April and May, it doesn't rain as much as in June or July and not humid like summer.
Today let me introduce you about “izakaya”.
Izakaya is like a tapas bar and it serves many varieties of Japanese alcohol and Japanese food.
One of the big differences of izakaya and bars in different countries is that many izakaya offers “nomihodai” (all you can drink course).
On average, you can have 5 or 6 kinds of food and all you can drink (including beer, whiskey, cocktails, wine, sake, shochu, etc.) for 3000 yen for 2 hours. Some bars offer all you can drink course, too.
A few weeks ago, I went to a bar in Roppongi and it had 4 hours (19:00-23:00) all you can drink for only 1000 yen! I was pretty amazed by the price! We had a blast at that night!
Hope you can visit Japan soon and have a great party at night! :)
by Ami