A Rite of Passage

Under Japanese tradition and law, you are "officially" an adult at the age of 20. It's the age where you're allowed to vote, drink alcohol and smoke. You are treated as an adult in society, and with that privilege also comes responsibility. So, this day is celebrated as a big turning point in one's life."Coming of Age Day" is a national holiday in Japan, celebrating the country's teens emerging into adulthood at the age of 20. It used to be celebrated on the 15th of January, but now it is on the 2nd Monday in January.

Furisode and Hakama

You will see many young women dressed in a special kimono with extra long sleeves called a "furisode" on Coming of Age Day in Tokyo. It's a kimono only for unmarried women. Men, on the other hand, usually wear formal suits, but some opt to wear the traditional "hakama".




Municipal governments hold ceremonies for the new "adults" living in the area, and some cities have celebrities come as guests and give speeches. The ceremony of the city of Urayasu, is featured on the news every year because of where it holds its ceremony - Disneyland! The lucky new "adults" of Urayasu are invited free of charge to Disneyland, and are congratulated by Mickey, Minnie, and the other Disney characters.
Disneyland ceremony_mini