A professor from India visited a university in Japan once and because of his cultural and religious beliefs he has to follow a strict diet, so he couldn't enjoy such dishes as yakiniku (grilled meat).brown-rice-2
But good news, many restaurant owners around Tokyo are trying their best accommodate even the most strictest of diets! In the wake of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, many shop owners are trying to create a more welcoming and friendly dining atmostphere for foreign visitors.
It is estimated that around 10% of the visitors coming from the U.S. and U.K. are vegetarians. In fact, in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, the proportion of Muslims who only eat halal food amount to 90 and 60 percent respectively! The fact is, in Japan, not many people know much about vegetarianism or halal food. This lack of awareness can be discouraging.
So, in cooperation with local restaurants in the Asakusa area and the Department of Commerce, Travelience will have a “food map” available in the near future to aid visitors in their food endeavors. The “food map” will feature an array of restaurants in the Asakusa area, explanations about different types of Japanese dishes and a food diary to record your food travels. As well as noting which restaurants have English, vegetarian and/or halal menus available. With the onset of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan and especially Tokyo will see a high influx of foreign visitors. And in the spirit of Japanese hospitality or “omotensashi”, creating a vegetarian and halal friendly menu is one of the many steps taken to accommodate the increasing numbers of foreign visitors coming Japan and make them feel warmly welcomed.
Travelience has also created a unique tour for Muslim tourists and along the tour, you have the opportunity to stop at a mosque. Even if you are not a practicing Muslim, it is recommended to take a peak at this wondrous structures in your free time. Tokyo does have some religious diversity within is population and it's not only filled with temples and shrines but also mosques and churches. This a big help for visitors who wish to maintain their religious practices while on vacation.