Enjoy Kabuki in Tokyo

Here's another great option you can do when you visit Tokyo: Going to a kabuki show. This is highly recommended if you like performing arts and traditional culture that's still alive today.
These 2 videos will give you a brief introduction to what kabuki is and what it looks like. Each one of them is less than 5 minutes.

View this video on youtube

View this video on youtube
Did you like it? Yes?
Then you must be wondering where you can see kabuki in Tokyo and how to buy a kabuki ticket.
You can see kabuki performances at Kabuki-za (Kabuki Theatre) in Ginza. The closest station is Higashi Ginza. (Check out this page for train information in Tokyo. Also, you can download a metro map from our website - click here to download it.)
By the way, you can hire an English Earphone Guide at Kabuki-za. So, you can listen to the translation and commentary in English through this guide while watching a kabuki performance. So, you don't need to speak Japanese at all!
(And frankly, most Japanese people wouldn't understand the traditional Japanese language used in a kabuki performance.)

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You can book a ticket via Shochiku's website (the company that run Kabuki-za) here. Follow the instruction on the website and you'll be ready to enjoy your kabuki experience in Tokyo!
By the way, Shochiku's website Kabuki-Bito gives you extensive information and tips on kabuki. Make sure to check it out!
Photo by: GanMed64
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