If you are obsessed with ninjas and the long forgotten tales of these ruthless and deadly warriors, you may be familiar with the term Kunoichi. It is quite clear that throughout the history these ninjas have been used to carry out many dangerous missions, there may be a little difference among the technique and style of ninjas. Kunoichi is not a term of any style or technique but it is commonly used for female ninjas, apart from any gender every ninja receives the same ruthless training; though there may be some alteration in the female ninja training which they may use to carry out unique assignments.
Kunoichi Warriors:
Kunoichi warriors have been considered much deadlier because they can use their lethal training and combine it with an innocent face so that the enemy may never know what he is up against. A ninja may not be necessarily someone hiding his face; in fact many confidential secret companies use Kunoichi ninjas as spies to go undercover in big missions. These missions can involve getting inside a drug cartel or obtaining any sorts of information while staying in cover identities. Even though the ninjas are now being used in a modern way, there is no question that once these ruthless warriors would roam across the streets unseen and kill their targets without being noticed while using lethal techniques.
As effective as men ninjas were there was always something they couldn’t do and for that mission kunoichi would disguise themselves as maids, dancers and even prostitutes! They would quietly stay in their cover identity until there target would never see it coming; they used to finish them in the most ruthless way possible. Some of the targets would lose their heads, while others were split in half; every kunoichi was given a specific way to kill their targets. It should be quite clear that these female ninjas are trained to kill and never show any kind of mercy to anyone. It seems that they somehow forget all the emotions that a normal human withholds, kunoichi may seem harmless and innocent but once they start killing there is no stopping them.
Ruthless Kunoichi:
They become a ruthless kunoichi after a long training which lasts for years in which they bear physical and mental torture. There are many Japanese and few American movies which have successfully portrayed the role of kunoichi, we may get a little idea about their characters through watching such movies but even then nothing can prepare you to spot a real life kunoichi in the crowd. You may have walk past her today and didn’t notice! In any case these female ninjas do exist and many secret organizations hire these assassins to get the job done whenever they need.
Be Inspired:
If you are inspired by Japanese culture then you must be familiar with kunoichi and just like all the samurais and ruthless assassins they are also trained killers. If you go in depth in the ninja world you will come across the fact that these lady ninjas are as effective as many male ninja, which is quite exceptional because men usually have an edge of physical power over women. But when it comes to comparing men ninja to kunoichi you can never tell the difference.
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