Let's create your own Kit Kat

Do you know you can create your own designed Kit Kat package in Japan?
You can choose among 2 flavors between Milk chocolate (red) and Bitter chocolate (black).
The price are 2,310 yen for the red ones and 2,520 yen for the black ones.
All you have to do is go to the website below, choose the frame, your photo, write letters, pick stamps and voila! Your original designed Kit Kat is ordered.
You will receive it for about 10 days.

8 Steps how to create your own Kit Kat

Step 1: Go to the Website

Step 2: Click "つくる" (create)

Step 3: Click "同意して すすむ"(agree not to use photos that you don't have right to use)
terms of service

Step 4: Choose red or black and click "同意して すすむ" (agree to terms of service)
red or black

Step 5: Choose frame you like

Setp 6: Choose photo you have in your pc

Setp 7: Write letters and choose stamps

Step 8: Finish! You can create 4 more designs if you like:)
They will only deliver in Japan, so please try while your stay in Japan if you plan to stay for about 10 days then you can receive it!