nikko futaarayama
Nikko is listed on a World Cultural heritage Site in 1999.
Tosho-GU is the centerpiece of Nikko's shrine area, with a number of impressive buildings nearby.
It was constructed as a memorial to Tokugawa Ieyasu who devoted his life to conquering Japan and became the first Shogun of Tokugawa government.
There is a lot to be seen such as a huge Torii gate, five-storey pagoda, Omote-mon, Yomei-mon, Maneki-Neko, Honden (main hall) and Haiden (Hall of Worship).
There is another shrine called Futarasan-Jinja. It was established by Shodo Shonin (Buddhist priest in 8 centuries). It's dedicated to the mountain, Nantai, the mountain's consort, Nyotai, and their mountainous progeny, Taro.
The Tendai-sect Rinno-ji was founded 1200 years ago by also Shodo Shonin. The central object of worship here is a statue of the Senju (1000-armed Kannon).
Access: Tobu-Nikko line from Asakusa station, one hour50 minutes, 2740yen. If you have Japan Rail Pass, the quickest way is to take the Sinkansen (bullet train) from
Tokyo to Utsunomiya (50 minutes, 4800yen), and change there for an ordinary train to Nikko (45 minutes, 740yen)