You too, can be photogenic using the "purikura" machine! It's very popular with the younger generation, expecially girls and young women ranging from junior high school students to people in their 20s and 30s. It is easy to find just about anywhere in Tokyo and only costs 300 or 400 yen. Try taking a "purikura" as a souvenir of your trip!
purikura machineWhat is a "Purikura"?
A Purikura is like an ID photo booth, but completely different from the regular photo booths you would find in other countries. It takes your picture in color, and it prints in on a sticker sheet And then, you can send the purikura picture from the machine to your phone or pc by email, or scanning the barcode on the sticker sheet if you have a scanner on your phone. You can also edit your appearance in the picture, and decorate it with stars, hearts, and even with hand written words.

How to take a purikura - Step by Step

The Photo Shoot

purikura frames
1. Put your money in.
2. Pick frames for your photos on the small screen in the front.
3. Pick how many frames you want the sticker sheet to be divided into.
4. Take your picture.
It will take several shots consecutively with only a few seconds in between so be prepared to pose!
If you're not sure how to pose, you can follow the models on the screen.

Decorating your purikura

purikura screen
5. After taking your picture, move to the sub-booth.
6. Pick the pictures you want to keep.
7. Then, decorate your picture with stamps (hearts, stars, etc.) and writing. Be creative!

Changing your appearance

purikura features
8. Change your skin, hair and eye color, body shape, put on makeup, etc.
You only have 2 or 3 minutes in total to use for decorating and editing your purikura, so use your time wisely.
The remaining time will be shown on the screen.
9. Enter your e-mail address if you'd like to receive the picture data on your phone or pc.
10. Lastly, wait for the purikura sheet to print and come out. It will come out of the little opening at the bottom of the machine.

Essentially, you can make yourself look any way you want! The main idea is to make yourself look as cute as possible!
You can find the purikura machine in almost any Sega or Taito game center in Tokyo, and in famous place like Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Akihabara on the Yamanote Line. It is definitely something that actually lets you experience one of the trends of Tokyo in addition to our one day tour, and it also makes for a great souvenir.