Christel Takigawa
The presentation conference, for Olympic Games 2020 was held in BUENOS AIRES, Argentina and Tokyo won it against Madrid and Istanbul.
As you may know, Tokyo is still one of the finest cities in the world and the presenters have done a lot to express the attractions.
Here are the videos of the presenters. Of-course, I like the one by Christel Takigawa who has been a newscaster of the prime time for years, and still is really loved by Japanese men for her beauty and intelligence.

- Christel Takigawa, a nationwide famous French Japanese newscaster. Her speech in French is attractive and awesome.
Her speech and gesture about O-mo-te-na-shi (Omotenashi , hospitality) is buzzing online in Japan.

- Prinsessan Takamado, from Japan's Royal Family. Her speech is in French and English.

- Shinzo Abe, the current Prime Minister of Japan.