If you are travelling in Tokyo, save some pennies and us a taxi. Taxis are cheap cost for travelling around the metro of Tokyo. This is also an alternative for public transportation such as trains. These are in best use especially in midnight, because operations of trains and buses ceases at those times. These are in demand on Fridays and weekends since almost everyone is around having fun after weekdays of work.
Usually, taxi fare daytime is around 700 yen for "hatsunori" - the first ride, and around 10,000 yen for two hours. At nighttime, fare will be around 20% plus.

Getting a taxi starts with waiting along the train stations or in waiting areas. There are indicators whether vacant or occupied on the plate on the dashboard in the lower corner of the windshield. A red plate indicates that it is vacant and a green plate says it is occupied. In the night, you can see indicators on the roof of the taxi. The price will not vary because it is on the city. When travelling a bit further, fares might increase.

When you ride a taxi, put in mind that the taxi’s left rear door is operated by the driver. You are not allowed to operate this by yourself except when using the other doors. It may be a good gesture, but giving a tip to the driver is not encouraged. If you are not capable of speaking in Niponggo, you can write down the address or show the map to the driver so that misunderstandings may be prevented. Japanese drivers are very capable of touring the guests around. Some of them can speak in English. Drivers can be your best tour guides for your journey. Sightseeing is one of the best things you can do in Tokyo.

You do not have to worry about the taxi drivers; they are trustworthy and very efficient. They will not take advantage of you. You can see legalities of the taxi with the driver. They usually bring it around. From the airport, you can have the taxi. From this, you can be rest assured that the taxi you will be riding is legal. Flat rates are predetermined and the additional fees on the succeeding distances.
Taxi fares may vary from one place to another. There are also taxis which are larger than the other. Those may also vary in fares. Usually, big taxis are for people with luggage such as baby strollers and alike. Small ones are for those who do not carry much.

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