Nestle Japan gives a BIG "Thank you” to Japan with a limited edition Kit Kat!
Celebrating the 40th anniversary release of Kit Kat in Japan and to show their gratitude, Nestle Japan has released a limited edition “Thank You” Kit Kat. There are three chocolate flavors and an “Android Kit Kat” flavor, a collaboration between Kit Kat and Google. Each individual package has a message on it expressing gratitude. You can also write your own personal message for someone in a blank spot on the back of the wrapping. There are 18 different kinds of messages, such as “Thank you”, “Grateful”, “Take care”, “Have a break” and “I love you” in Japanese. It's available in convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan.

1-1. Milk Chocolate Flavor


1-2. Milk Chocolate Flavor Google Campaign version


18 Different Messages Expressing Gratitude

milk message

2. Otona No Amasa (Sweets for Adults: Strawberry flavor)

strawberry message

3. Otona No Amasa (Sweets for Adults: Bitter flavor)

bitter message

Happy 40th anniversary!