What is Ryokan?

Ryokan is a Japanese Inn which basically reflect traditional Japanese style of accommodation from the facility through service.
Definition of Hotel and Ryokan are determined by Hotel and Ryokan management low.
Hotel is accommodation that has more than 10 rooms with western style of bathrooms and facility, in short, based on western culture, while Ryokan is one that has more than 5 rooms with Japanese style of rooms and facility.

How is Ryokan different from a Hotel?

While Hotel protect complete privacy unless you order room service, Ryokan has a servicing lady to bring your dinner to your room and come into your room to spread traditional Japanese bedding, futon, on the tatami mat (straw-mat) while you are away for bathe in Onsen (Hot spring).
Hotel would not allow you to walk around in pj at the public space like lobby area, but people wear traditional Japanese casual clothing called “Yukata” and walk around in Ryokan.
You would walk in to a Hotel with your shoes on of course, but you have to take off your shoes at the entrance of Ryokan. So you would feel like staying at guest house where the servicing lady take care of everything around your room while you relax, take a bath at Onsen, eat and get drunk!
How interesting, huh?
For some of you who are interesting finding out what it is like to stay in Ryokan in Tokyo, here are our reccomandation!

1. Homeikan

This Ryokan’s concept is the harmony between European style and Japan style.
It’s built with wood, so you can feel the country of Japan.
5-10-5 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
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