Mt. Takao

Mount Takao

Mt. Takao is located on the west side of Tokyo, in the Hachioji City. It's height is 599m (1965 ft).
It is a natural habitat of more than a few thousands kind of animals and plants. It is nominated for the Micheline Guide for 3 Stars. The Mountain is one of the best place if you like to experience Japanese Nature near Tokyo. Just from the busy central Tokyo you can just ride Keio Line Train, then you can get to the mountain. From the ancient time the Mountain is considered as the sacred place where gods live. Especially people who practice Shugendo, which is a type of Buddhism, but also contain the ancient mountain worship and philosophy from Old Shinto. Their goal is to achieve experiential “awakening” by understanding the relationship between humanity and nature. The Mount Takao is one of the very important practice place for a very long time.

Takaosa Yakuoin Temple

It is a Buddhism temple, which is part of the Singon-shu Chizan-ha sect. This temple is considered as one of three major Shingon-shu Chizan-ha temples in Kanto region. According to the history the temple was founded more than 1200 years ago and acted as one of the most famous temples in the area.

Takaosan Hiwatari Festival (Fire Crossing Festival)

Every year on the 2nd Sunday of March one of the most unique festival is hosted by the temple, which is the fire crossing festival of the Mt. Takao!! Those who trained Shugendo will show their deep understanding of nature by actually crossing fire!! You are able to see mysterious festival of fire and smoke!! Although if you like to cross the fire you can do it after the Shugendo people had crossed!! Caution it will be hot!! Also it will be line of people who want to cross, so you have to wait!! This is very unique and a story to tell festival if you happen to be in the area that day I strongly recommend to see it!! Let's see the story of line time!


March 9th


Takaosan Yakuoin


5 min walk from Takao Yamaguchi Station on Keio Line


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