Shinjuku is one of the biggest towns in Tokyo, and an entertainment district. From taking in the expansive Tokyo City View from the observation decks in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, you can marvel at the architectural wonders of the nearby skyscrapers and even Mt. Fuji, if you are lucky. Shinjuku station has about 3.5 million passengers per day, and was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the busiest station in the world.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (都庁Tocho)


This building was designed by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange and it’s one of Tokyo’s landmarks with an observatory on the 45th floor. On the first floor is the Tokyo Tourist Information Center, here you van pick up a guide to Tokyo's museums and cultural facilities.

Shinjuku Gyoen Garden (新宿御苑)

It was originally created as a garden for the Royal Family in 1906, but now it’s a national garden which showcases both Western and Japanese style gardens. You can relax here while enjoying the view of the high-rise office buildings around the garden.

Shinjuku Southern Terrace(新宿サザンテラス)

Southern Terrace

It consists of a 350 meter long promenade and includes “Odakyu Southern Tower complex”. The southern tower is home to some of the fashion world's biggest brand names featured by major Japanese retailers, such as Takashimaya and Tokyu Hands. If you are looking for some reading material, maybe for that plane ride home, check out the Kinokuniya Bookstore a place where you can find wide variety of books on Japan.


Kabukicho is the major entertainment district in Shinjuku. There are many restaurants, theaters, and movie theaters. The HUB, a British pub is a popular place for many foreigners and Japanese to hang out and drink together. It's also a well-known place for it's host clubs and gay clubs & venues.


Don Quijote

Located at the entrance of Kabukicho, ドンキ (as referred by the locals) is one of the biggest discount store chains around and you will find everything from everyday household items (toys, souvenirs, electronics, etc.) to designer items (Gucci, LV, etc.)

Tokyo Opera City(東京オペラシティ)

opera city

A ten-minute walk west of the Shinjuku Park Tower, or being connected through the Hatsudai Station is the Tokyo Opera City concert hall. It's a 54-floor building with offices, shops, restaurants and a major concert hall. If you are interested in Japanese swords, you can drop by the small Sword Museum near the Hatsudai station.

If you are interested in the Shinjuku area, check out West Tokyo one day tour! It's also the last stop on the tour and it's a great opportunity to see how this place comes alive in the evening hours.
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