1. Where can I buy a ticket?

You can buy a ticket at the club entrance on the day.

2. If I am under 20 years old, can I enter the club?

No, you can't. Only people who are 20 years old or older can enter.

3. Is there an ID check before you enter the club?

Yes, please bring a picture ID card with birthday on the ID. Copies are not acceptable.

4. Do you have dress code?

We might refuse someone who we think is not dressed suitably. 

5. Do you have a coat room?

There are over 1,000 coin-operated lockers. If you have a big bag, ask our front desk staff for assistance. 

6. Can you enter again after you leave the club?

No, you can't.

7. How do I get to ageHa?

The nearest station is Shinkiba station on the JR Keiyo line, the Yurakucho line or the Rinkai line.

8. Is there parking available?

Yes, we have the enough spaces for 150 cars. It is located 300 meters far from ageHa. You can park from 11pm-6am. The parking fee is 1,000Yen.

9. I heard there is a free-shuttle bus.

Yes, There is a free-shuttle bus from Shibuya to ageHa at Shinkiba station.
Below is a time table and map.

10. Are you allowed to bring in any outside drinks and food?

No, you aren't.

11. Is it allowed to a bring digital camera?

No, you isn't.

12. I want to know the timetable of the events.

There is a timetable posted in the club. Please check the poster posted on the wall.

13. I'd like to use a table with seats.

It is recommended you book the table seat in advance. Please call us or send us a mail.
TEL:03-5534-2525, E-mail:reserve@ageha.com
Reservation time:Tue/Wed/Thu 12:00-20:00, Fri/Sat 20:00-23:00

14. Can I smoke in the club?

Yes, you are allowed to smoke in the designated smoking area.

15. Can I swim in the swimming pool?

No, you can't.

16. Can a person with a wheelchair enter the club?

Yes, they can.

This is the English translation of Q&A from ageHa official website.