Tokyo Girls Collection
Tokyo Girls Collection is one of the biggest fashion shows in Japan, regularly held in and out of Tokyo.
First of all, a lot of girls come to Tokyo only to join the show, and the venue is always full.
The venue in this case is not a venue literally.
TGC has been held in such huge cases like Yoyogi National Olympic Gymnasium, Saitama Super Arena or Yokohama Arena.
More than 20,000 girls get together only to see the catwalk.
Second, not like other traditional fashion show in Europe, TGC is only for the young girls in a new attitude.
Front acts are by boybands and divas like Bigbang and Namie Amuro.
Of course, all the brands are for girls. Dressy, sexy, cute or kawaii.
They can buy the clothes real-time through the mobile web and the sales for the brand hit the highest during the show.
It's now exported to outside Japan with some support from the government.
They held one show in France and will do the same in Asia.