fillet and others
Living and eating like a local is a treasure of traveling.
As someone says "Do in Tokyo as Tokyoites do", it's a great experience to stay a bit longer in Tokyo and have some local daily food, not like Sushi or Tempura.
Let's have a glance at the Japanese dinner :)

starter with raw eggStarter with a raw egg in it
Japanese dinner always starts with a starter, even in any casual Izakaya restaurant.
This plate is with a raw egg in it.
It's not rare in Japan to eat eggs raw, because they are deadly clean, fresh and safe.
Many people like to crack and pour a raw egg onto a bowl of rice, and top some seasoning and soy source and eat - which I don't do personally anyway.

Tongue is called the same here as "tongue".
Suites as a first meat plate at a Yakiniku restaurant.
It comes with lemons to make it more smooth.

Cube Beef with WasabiCube Beef with Wasabi
Wasabi sometimes goes with beef and other meat in Japan, and it always turns into a great marriage.
Good with beer of course but also with Japanese Sake if you wanna try some.

Yakiniku beefSliced Beef
I changed my mind. Let's go with meat all through the way.
Let's go on and boost it gorgeous - yes, beef.
Japan's beef is not alike anything else.
The basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant, is named after Japanese Kobe beef, just because his parents couldn't forget the astonishment they got when they first ate it.
A lot of brand beef are in common here, like Kobe, Matsuzaka, Hida, Omi, Tajima, Yonezawa or Maezawa beef.

fillet and othersFillet and Others
Fillet especially sirloin or tenderloin is a thing in Tokyo, alike any places in the world.
No one can not stand holding his iPhone and take one pic from the very angle it shines.

Beef in boxBeef in Box
This beef is served in the box, ostentatious but stately.
Forgot which part of beef it really was.
Good to have it in the latter half or last part.

This article is made of plates from several restaurants.
If you wanna go more casual, try our tour.