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OK, let's go daily.
Udon is one of the noodles often eaten in Japan, like Soba noodles or Ramen noodles.
There are some fast food chains specialized to Udon, and we use them really casually.
You don't need to wait more than 3 mins to have it on the table.

Soba and Grilled Chicken BowlSoba and Grilled Chicken Bowl
Soba noodle in Japan is really unique.
You have to "swallow with sound" and it's a polite way, "good manners" for the noodle meals - you may be astonished.
Each Soba place has its own "Dashi" soup and it's used for every plate so that any dish is coordinated into a similar tone as one.
In this case, grilled chicken tastes a little bit alike the Soba soup.

Fresh Sashimi, not Raw FishFresh Sashimi, not Raw Fish
Fish is enjoyed fresh in Japan.
Some people call it "Raw Fish" in English, but literally speaking, raw is for what you don't eat heated. So that fish in this case is not raw.
More than that, freshness of the fish is inseparably connected. The fresher, the better.

Takoyaki, Octopus BallsTakoyaki, Octopus Balls
Yes, we eat octopus.
Texture is elastic, like scallop or gum.
Good as a daytime snack or a nighttime nibblies.

Mos Burger tastes really JapaneseMos Burger tastes really Japanese
Japan has some original burger chains like Mos Burger.
Beef pate tastes a little bit sweet and bread is soft.
Any burger chain has Teriyaki burger even McDonald's.

Korean meets JapaneseKorean meets Japanese
There are a lot of Korean restaurants in Japan.
It says to be happened after Seoul Olympic Games in 1988 when Korea and Japan got to be closer.
And also after around Football's World Cup in 2002 made 2 countries closer and friendly.
Korean dishes in Japan are a little bit different, not really spicy.
And there's some gaps in manners at tables.
For example, Korean rice bowls are made of steel, chopsticks are also steel and put on the table straight from you to the opposite person.
Japanese rice bowls are bone china, chopsticks are wooden and put left to right.
Korean keep the rice bowl on the table when you eat, and Japanese grab it up.

Yoshinoya's Beef BowlYoshinoya's Beef Bowl
Yoshinoya is one of the oldest and most famous and Beef Bowl chains in Japan.
There are quite a few beef bowl chains in Japan, like burger chains in US.
They are competing in price cut each other, and the news of it is already a regular seasonal tradition which economic paper features a lot.
One bowl costs around 300 JPY only.

Trad TeishokuTrad Teishoku
Teishoku is a set (I mean - menu, meal, or combo).
It comes with a rice bowl, soup - usually miso soup, main dish (you name it) and pickles or desert.

If you are interested in Japanese local daily meals, try this tour. Be part of real Tokyo.