Speaking from personal experience, things can get a little overwhelming when you're visiting Japan for the first time. You want to try to all the delicious Japanese food but don't know where to start and then you spot a Mcdonald's. (They're truly everywhere.) And maybe you're kind of glad to see something familiar but then maybe feeling ashamed that you're not being adventurous and trying something new. And maybe your so hungry that anything will do. Fear not my friend, Mcdonald's in Japan is actually pretty decent.
Mcdonald's in Japan has many of the signature Mcdonald's meals plus Japan only meal items as well, such as the ebi burger (shrimp burger) but they also serve "novelty burgers". "Novelty burgers" are are sold for a very limited time and sometimes have seasonal or holiday themes. Now they are featuring a creamy gratin croquette with a shrimp filling. So if you are in need of a quick bite but still want to be adventurous and try something different, try the Gurakoro or the Demi Cheese Gurakoro. ^^
[caption id="attachment_2240" width="285"]Gurakoro (グラコロ) Gurakoro (グラコロ)[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_2239" width="285"]Demi Cheese Gurakoro (デミチズグラコロ) Demi Cheese Gras Roller (デミチズグラコロ)[/caption]