Crabs at Tsukiji Fish Market
Among the many beautiful sights to visit in Japan, there are only a few who come along and see Tsukiji. So if you’re planning on a trip, include Tsukiji in your itinerary. I’ll tell you why.
Tsukiji is located in central Tokyo; Tokyo is one of the biggest and most famous cities in Japan mostly known for its progressive state. With that being said, Tsukiji is a must-visit place when you go to Japan especially that it is where the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market is found. This isn’t only the ‘biggest’ in Japan but in the world.


If you hear the word ‘market’ especially when it’s associated with fish, you might think there’s nothing so fascinating about it… or maybe it’s not worth the trip. So why go?
There is more to the word ‘market’ when you visit the place. Tsukiji Market (also known as Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market) is a traveler’s haven. It’s like a one-stop shop for anything you want from Tokyo in a thrift way.
The outer part of the Tsukiji Market includes Japanese restaurants, kitchen merchandises, retail shops, groceries, and of course – seafood.


Among the various items you’ll find in the market, its main product (as the name speaks for itself) is fish. Most, if not all, of the restaurants around here have fresh sushi. Given that there’s fresh fish in an instant just right near them, it’s but rational to have sushi and other authentic Japanese cuisine which uses fish as main ingredient.
The best thing about these sushi restaurants is that they would also allow you and teach you how to make your own sushi. This is taught by the chefs of these restaurants and they won’t just teach you one kind of sushi but two: the maki-sushi and the nigiri-sushi. The best part? You get to eat your own sushi creation for lunch!


The Tsukiji Market is not an ordinary place you can visit anytime. Most tours in here are scheduled and guided. There are even guideline and rules to be followed when touring around the Tsukiji Market including simple regulations like no bringing of children and/or pets, no smoking, and no touching of anything.
There are parts of the market which are not accessible by tourists or visitors. The internal or inner part of the market can only be accessed by wholesale purchasers like food companies, auctioneers, and other licensed buyers of the fish market.


Still thinking twice of visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market? Well, all we could say is it’d be a very interesting and different experience if you would come. It’s not one of those glamorous and pretty tourist spots that ordinary travelers would do. Speak for adventure!
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