Activeness of Tsukiji Fish Market
Tsukiji is a place that will teach tourists a lot about Tokyo culture. It is a place full of treasure, just waiting to be explored.

Expert Guides

I consider myself lucky to have the best tour guides ever. Sometimes, I find it unsatisfying when I go on tours and the knowledge of the tour guides are limited to what they have memorized which are mostly found in brochures about the trip. I was pleasantly surprised that our tour guides were able to answer all my questions even when there were times that my questions were not exactly about the tour. I asked questions about Tokyo and even about Japan but they were able to answer all of it and even offered additional information and fun trivia bits! I hope that I will get tour guides as confident and competent as our previous tour guides. It feels good to explore a foreign place with people who clearly know what they are doing.

Great Communicators

I was also surprised that they speak English well. I was expecting that I will have a hard time understanding what they are saying like what I have experienced in my previous trips to other countries. The conversation was pleasant and I understood everything that they said. It was a fun and exciting leaning experience.

Wow Experience

The tour guides were very approachable, friendly, and accommodating. They even anticipate the tourists’ needs. There was even a time when one of the tourists touched some fresh fish. The guide was quick to give her paper tissues and alcohol. I was amazed by the care that the guide has shown. It was very surprising but it was something I can definitely get used to. It’s like having McGyver as our tour guide. I will surely be looking for such care when I go to other tours.

Time is Gold

I have never noticed if our tour guides were in a hurry. The guides were always patient in answering our questions and also make sure that everybody hears and understands what he says. They did not ignore any of the comments that we gave and even injected humor in their answers. The surprising thing is that we did not go overtime.
At the end of the tour, we enjoyed a sumptuous meal and everybody has a smile on their faces. It is definitely a tour that I would recommend to my friends and loved ones.
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