Sushi at Tsukiji
When I visit a place, I do not go there simply to see it. Visiting a place makes a person experience another lifetime from a different side of the world. This gives the person a perfect opportunity to learn. This is why whenever I visit a foreign country the place is just one of the things that I come for. I also come to learn about that country’s culture and their people’s way of living. This is what I had in mind when I decided to visit Tsukiji Fish Market.
To some, Tsukiji Fish Market may appear to be just like any ordinary fish market. However, it is anything but ordinary. Being one of the top visited places in Tokyo, it is more than just a place to buy seafood at. It is a vast learning environment enriched by sensory stimulators. The first thing that caught my eyes was the numerous food establishments in the area. Everything on display is just sumptuous. Delicious scents float around the fish market with a silent voice that invites the people to come and dine. All kinds of fresh seafood are available. The foods available are not limited to Japanese cooking. However, I chose to immerse myself in their culture and that includes their food. I chose to have salmon sashimi and I will never forget the first bite that I took. The wasabi sauce did nothing but enhance the sweet taste of fresh salmon and the rice which has a hint of herbs. I have tasted sushi and sashimi from different Japanese restaurants but in Tsukiji Fish Market, I learned how an authentic Tokyo sushi tastes like. This made me decide to order a sushi sampler wherein they have different sushi, sashimi, and make in a big platter. It was the most lively and flavorful gastronomic party ever. Of course I did not forget to order for take away just in case I get hungry during the rest of the tour. The best thing about it is that if you’re not like me, you can decide how you want your orders cooked. This is definitely heaven on earth for foodies like me.
Aside from seafood, a lot of colorful fruits decorate the area. The fruits look luscious and promise succulent bites with different zesty flavors. No matter what you’re eating preferences are, you will find the edible form of perfection that you can sink your teeth into. All the food promises nothing but satisfaction.
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