Art of Sushi
One of my favorite places in Tokyo is Tsukiji Fish Market. On the second time that I visited the place, I took advantage of the time to get to experience their sushi right away. I can still remember the soft yet firm feel of the fresh tuna sashimi wrapped in a spicy tinge of wasabi and sauce. It was an exceptional experience. This is one of the things that I was looking forward to in our tour. Just thinking about it while we were driving to the fish market gives me cravings. I just have to have fresh sushi!
The tour at the inner and outer parts of the fish market kept me busy and entertained. Miraculously, it took my mind off eating sushi. I was amazed by the number and appearance of fresh seafood with a lot of them still moving! It holds everything that Mother Nature offers through its waters. I was also fascinated by how busy the place was, how people go about their business in the marketplaces, and I noticed that a lot of them were smiling and taking time to give some signs of acknowledgement even though they were very busy. People in Tsukiji Fish Market are totally friendly.
The place did not fail me. When we got there, all the sushi seem to be waiting for me. I ordered my favorite tuna sashimi and some maki. I closed my eyes to savor the juice and flavor of fresh tuna. The wasabi is perfect for enhancing the taste of its sweet zest. The maki was a great balancer with its bits of ripe mango and the interesting texture added by the sesame seeds. Eating in the bustling place just added to the authenticity of the whole experience.
It is great that our tour guide is an expert not only about the places that we visit but also about the food to eat. The recommendations were superb and it never let me down. I enjoyed a full meal with the tuna sashimi before the “Hana” came. When it was served, I had a hard time deciding whether it is too pretty or too delicious. I decided that it is both before I devoured everything as if I have not eaten for days. It is one hellish day for my diet but it is definitely one of the best days for my mouth. I will definitely come back for more!
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