Tsukiji, the World Biggest and Busiest Market
The Tsukiji Fish Market is not a foreign name for many. It is otherwise known as “the kitchen for 12 million people in Tokyo.” If not all, most of the top 10 market to visit would not be complete without this go-to destination when you’re in Tokyo, Japan. This district of Chuo boasts a myriad of wholesale fish and seafood items that make you drool.

Describing the Market

It is a marketplace that is open not only to the Japanese people but also foreign visitors in the country. As early as 5 in the morning, people gather around in this huge space to get the great deals on foods. The morning scenario is an imagery of market shoppers and staff that are gathered for the tuna auction. Every morning, part of the place is consumed by people shouting to get the most sumptuous tuna available. In addition, the tuna presented come not in the ordinary sizes. It comes huge like the market itself. People all over the world gather in this area to auction a tuna either for a family or restaurant. This imagery only shows how serious people are when it comes to cooking, fishing and shopping. Once you picked yours, the master chopper will draw his long knife to cut the tuna in halves or slice specified.

The Japanese People

With the same imagery of what happens in Tsukiji Market every morning, you can depict the Japanese culture, customs and the people themselves. The Japanese community is, by far, one of the most recognized people who are very hard working. They always see things and do things perfectly. In one of the interviews, a Japanese man said that “Japan, or we, don’t have resources. We acknowledge that we are not rich in resources. That’s why whatever we have in our surroundings, we make it a point that it is perfect.” No wonder this can be seen on how serious the staff at Tsukiji Market. The fishes and seafood are brought from different parts of the world. With that, we can say that the Japanese people value what they don’t have and through this market the industriousness and intelligence are showcased. Who wouldn’t want to see such passion even in a marketplace? The Japanese community is truly a race full of gems that we can follow. Go to Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan and see it for yourself.
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Pic: http://www.martinbaileyphotography.com/2013/01/14/top-ten-non-nature-photos-from-2012-podcast-356/
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