Tokyo has been chosen by the International Olympic Committee to host the 2020 Summer Games. It will be our second time to host because Tokyo previously hosted the Summer Games in 1964. But did you know Tokyo was chosen to host 1940 Olympic Games?

Tokyo was chosen to host 1940 Olympic

This is actually third time Tokyo was chosen to host Olympic Games, because Tokyo was chosen to host 1940 Olympic. But Japan had to give up hosting the games because of the Sino-Japanese war broke out in 1937 and lasted till 1945. 
After Japan lost against Rome to host 1960, Japan was finally chosen to host 1964 among Detroit (became a candidate city seven times), Viennese (became a candidate city once) and Brussels (became a candidate city twice). Number of votes obtained are Tokyo: 34, Detroit: 10, Viennese: 9 and Brussels: 5.

1964 Olympic was Symbolic event of comeback and independence

The games in 1964 was the first Olympic Games held not only in Japan but also in Asia and in nonwestern state. Historically, it was symbolic event for Japan of return to the center of global society after losing in the World War II and made a remarkable comeback.
The number of countries that participated in this Games was the largest ever.
Many Asian and African countries that achieved independence from European countries and United States during 1940’s to 1960 made their Olympic debut one after another in 1964.

1964 Tokyo Olympic Ranking and Medal count

1964 Olympic Ranking and Medal count

Japan Now (2013) and Then (1964)

Now we know the history of previous Tokyo Olympic Games. How about the difference between now and then?
What has been changed since then and how much it changed?
We have 7 years to prepare to host Olympic and Tokyo will be more convenient with proper facilities to welcome you.
But don't wait that long and come visit to Japan now, so you will see the difference from now and 2020!