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Japan is one of the most fastest growing countries in the world. Japan itself is 145,834 square miles with a 127,000,000 population, despite being a relatively small country compared to other economic world powers. However, it's population remains quite homogeneous, about 98% are ethnically Japanese. More than half of the population live in cities, about 67%. Japanese is the official language. About 84% of the population practices Shintoism, 71% are Buddhist, 2% are Christians and about 8% don't practice a specified religion. On average, the life expectancy is about 80 years for men and 87 for women. Many people usually live in apartments within urban areas or a house in suburban and rural place. An apartment complex is called "mansion" which causes some misunderstandings for English speakers.

History and Geography:

Tokyo is the main hot spot for business and culture and the largest city in Japan. It's home to about 36 million people with an almost perfect literacy rate. There are 23 wards and 62 municipalities within the city itself. It’s located in the Kanto region of Japan, covering over 2,187.08 square kilometers. There are two main airports in Tokyo, the Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport. Both facilities were built with state of the art construction and are exemplifications of modern architectural design. Greater Tokyo, including Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama, is one of the most populated areas in Japan and in the world. Having more than 36 million people around you might make you feel a little claustrophobic.

Safe Smooth and Satisfying:

If you are planning on traveling somewhere in Asia, Tokyo is one of the best destinations you can choose. You will be in the center of everything; business, entertainment, culture, the arts and government. With ever take you within the city you can see an apparent array of tradition and innovation. It is also one of the cleanest cities you'll ever visit. Everything has it's place here. The roads, the vehicles, the garbage cans, the fast food chains and all the people work in harmony to keep their city clean and friendly for visitors. There are policies and rules strictly enforced by the government and followed by city officials to help keep city life as enjoyable as possible.

Pop Culture:

To encourage peace and order within the city, you'll see signs which have a humorous touch to show people how to conduct themselves in public. So it can catch people's attention and they know the rules. The Japanese are very diligent and follow these rules to lessen life's hassles. And it's advised that you should too. Japan is also known for it's animation, usually referred to as anime which is a unique cartoon style that has even influenced foreign animators since years past, like Walt Disney himself. Some current popular titles are Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto and a whole lot more. The influences of these animations don't only end in television, it has permeated the fashion world as well. So, when you are in Akihabara you can see people wearing very uncommon clothing, such as wearing clothes worn my their favorite anime characters. This is called cosplay (costume play) and surely an interesting form of self expression through fashion. So, do not get shocked when you see people wearing a ninja outfit just like in Naruto or extreme gothic styles. In and around Tokyo, there are even events where one can come in their favorite character’s attire to enjoy the company of other cosplayers and people with similar interests. They usually don't mind if you ask them for a picture because many other people, even other Japanese people find their style interesting and often take pictures. Japanese people in general are fashionable dressers, especially in Tokyo. You might even be surprised to learn that young men take longer getting ready than women. And yes, the young men might seem a little vain but it's because they take great pride in their appearance. Nonetheless, Japanese people still know how to carry themselves despite any negative comments and they're indeed power dressers.

Great Gourmet:

The Japanese are huge foodies and there is food everywhere. If you get hungry during your tour around the city, you can find plenty of food stalls to find a quick bite to eat. So ff you are hungry and near Shinkjuku station, you might want to check out Yakitori Alley. Yakitori itself is a kind of skewered chicken and the alley itself is a narrow, winding passageway filled with food stalls selling grilled meat and seafood. This hidden jewel under the railways of the station can be easy to miss but don't worry you can find these find of food stalls everywhere. From these street food stalls could buy some of the of the best and tastiest foods. Not only are they mouth-watering good but also pretty cheap. So you don't need to visit a fancy restaurant to get a taste of the best Japanese food, just stop at food stall when you see one! Street food vendors sell everything from noodles, chips to rice topped meals. Or get a taste of some the freshest fish in one of the restaurants surrounding the Tsukiji fish market.


Harajuku Bridge near Meiji Shrine is a place where you can see many cosplayers strut their stuff on the weekends. There are many boutique and specialty shops in the area that allows many fashionable Tokyoites to express their own brand of fashion. And if you are more of a techie! Akihabara is THE go to place for all things electronics, from novelty to the mainstream. You also can't leave Tokyo without staying at least one night in the famous ‘capsule hotel’ with some hotels sporting the latest tech in convenience. Stay here after a long day walking and exploring the Tokyo streets and rent a capsule which is a small shoe box-like room to catch a nap for a few hours.

Family-Friendly, Kid-Friendly:

Tokyo is a paradise for the young and the young at heart. Japanese has some the best and the most famous game developers in the world. Sony, Nintendo, just to name a few. Pokemon is one of the largest franchises ever made in Japan. It is the largest franchise in gaming, toys, movies and whatever kid-oriented market you can think of! There is a Pokemon Center, a bunch of anime-based theme parks and stores where you can buy Japan-only collector items items and memorabilia.

A Memorable Experience:

Give yourself an experience to remember with photos and stories to share with your friends. Tokyo can be described in one word and that's awe-inspiring. So why Tokyo? Between the shopping, the restaurants, unique technological advances, and a traditional culture that has survived into modern times, it's like a whole new world for you to explore!

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