Where to go in Tokyo, Japan It’s impossible to see everything that Tokyo offers in one trip.
Here are our selected highlights of the city.

Asakusa(浅草):good-old and traditional downtown from Mid Ages

Asakusa is a hometown of Senso-ji, the oldest Buddhism temple in Tokyo. It was the most active of all the commercial areas in Edo (old Tokyo) city. Now it attracts both Japanese and foreign visitors with its old charm and newly built Tokyo Skytree, the world’s highest broadcasting tower, and shops and restaurants nearby.

Things to do in Asakusa


Shinjuku is one of the biggest towns in Tokyo, and a district of entertainment. From the observation decks in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, you will enjoy the view of skyscrapers and even Mr. Fuji, if you are lucky. Shinjuku station has 3.5 million passengers per day, and was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest number of passengers per day.
This is the tour which covers Shinjuku.
Things to do in Shinjuku


You can experience the gap between sacred world and a secular world at the same time at Harajuku. Behind Harajuku station, there is a vast forest-like Meiji Shrine, one of the biggest Shinto (the indigenous religion of Japan) shrines in Tokyo. As for shopping, you can choose from luxurious Omotesando which is called “Japan’s Champs-Elysees” to reasonably priced shops on Takeshita Street which is always packed with teenagers.
This is the tour which covers Harajuku.
Things to do in Harajuku


Shibuya is one of the most popular place for young generations. You can feel young Tokyoites’ energy here. Shibuya is often used for filming locations. The famous crossing and the statue of a faithful dog Hachi are just in front of Shibuya station.
Things to do in Shibuya


The waterfront that faces Tokyo Bay is developed energetically in recent years. The night view is spectacular. Odaiba area attracts wide range of generations. It features from an informative science museum to a spa with Edo period atmosphere. Of course there plenty of shopping malls.
Things to do in Odaiba


Akihabara, or “Akiba” as most Japanese call it in short, is a unique town. You may find the peculiar atmosphere nowhere else in the world. You can enjoy bustling streets with specialty shops of electric appliances and pop culture. It is the town for OTAKU which means a person who has the intensity or a lot of knowledge about one field, such as computers, games, comics, or animations. Maid cafe is must see!
This is the tour which covers Akihabara.
Things to do in Akihabara

the other major spots

In the heart of Tokyo, there is the inviolate home of the emperor, the Imperial Palace. You can walk from here to No. 1 shopping district of Ginza through elegant Marunouchi area. Nearby Yurakucho, you could relax in a cozy tavern. If you are interested in Edo period (17-19C), Edo Tokyo Museum in the eastern town of Ryogoku is recommendable. National Sumo Stadium is also there.
From old town of Asakusa, you can take a Sumida River cruise to typical Japanese garden of Hamarikyu. You can enjoy the nice view of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Bay from the garden, and also Tsukiji Fish market is just 10 minute walk.
Fashionable and cool Aoyama and Roppongi must be attractive with highly sophisticated shops and museums of modern tastes.
Things to do in Tokyo

This is our selecton of “Things to Do”.
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