(You might have already chosen how many days you're staying in Tokyo. If not, this sample sightseeing itinerary will help you plan on how to make the most of your stay. There is so much to do and see in Tokyo and around the Tokyo metro area so it's important to budget and plan effectively.)
Now that you have decided how long you are going to stay. The next obvious question to ask is, where is the best place to stay in Toyko? There are so many places to choose from and Shinjuku, Ueno, Asakusa and Shibuya are the top selected places tourists choose to stay. Below is some information on each aforementioned area.


Shinjuku is the one of biggest towns in Tokyo and is located on the west side. The best features of Shinjuku are:
- There a lot of tourist spots, such as observation decks, skyscrapers, Shinuku-Gyoen park, Yakitori alley etc.
- Kabukicho is a vibrant and busy night spot that is a popular place for the 20-something crowd to hang out and party.
- It's the main departure point for Hakone and Mt. Fuji is at Shinjuku station. Shinjuku Station also has a bus terminal and other train lines that make taking day trips outside if Tokyo easy and accessible.


Ueno has a lot places reminiscent of old style Tokyo and is located on the east side of Tokyo. The best features of Ueno are:
- It's is easily accessible from Narita airport, making getting to your hotel late at night from the airport hassle-free.
- Ueno Park is beautiful in the spring and autumn, there is even a zoo in the park.
- There are a some cultural and local & national history museums in the area, such as the Shitamachi Museum and the National Museum of Western Art.


Asakusa is bursting with traditional Japanese fanfare and usually the first stop for many tourists and is located on the east side. You can definitely still feel the traces of old, historic Tokyo here. The best features of Asakusa are:
- There many guest houses in the area with prices starting from 20USD to 35USD per night, perfect for the budget traveler.
- It's close to Senso-ji Tenple and other traditional shops & restaurants.
- It's a few train stops away from Tokyo SkyTree, currently the tallest building in the world and Solamachi shopping area which is located at the base of Tokyo SkyTree.


Shibuya is on the pulse of the latest fashion trends in the world, so what's hot today is definitely gone by tomorrow. The best features of Shibuya are:
- It has a plethora shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, such as ageHa, the biggest club in Japan.
- There is Tokyo Wonder Sight, a government funded organization that supports the art of young artists.
- It has Koen-dori, a shopping filled with department stores that street that extends to Yoyogi Park.

Around Tokyo station

Tokyo Station in the center of Tokyo with direct access to Narita Airport and you can easily connect to Ueno, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku and other major districts in Tokyo. The up-scale Tokyo Station Hotel is also directly connected to the station. The best features about the Tokyo Station area are:
- It's close to the Imperial Palace.
- It has direct access Narita Airport.
- It's easy to get to many of the popular districts within Tokyo from this station.

Keep in mind there are 3 types of accommodations, hotels, ryokans and hostels. Tokyo has a range of budget to 5-star hotels, such Toyoko Inn to Tokyo Station Hotel. A ryokan is traditional-style Japanese lodging and tend to be very expensive. A hostel is the ultimate way in budget traveling, so you can take care your chances with strangers in a dormitory style room or splurge a little for a private room. (It is recommended to stay only one night in a capsule hotel if you can, just for the novelty.)
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