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If you are planning on taking a vacation or just to traveling across Asia, you might want to consider making Tokyo your destination. Tokyo is the largest city in Japan and home to about 36 million people with an almost perfect literacy rate. There are 23 wards and 62 municipalities within the city itself. It's located in the Kanto region of Japan, covering over 2,187.08 square kilometers. There are two main airports in Tokyo, the Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport. Both facilities were built with state of the art construction and are exemplifications of modern architectural design. Tokyo is the capitol city of Japan and is the hot spot for business, economics, governance, culture and entertainment. Some travelers list Japan as one of the top places you should not pass over, even if you are just touching down for a stop over.
Tokyo was previously known as Edo, which was renamed in 1867, and it also the home to the royal family who currently resides today in the Imperial palace. The Imperial palace has been home to the royal family since 1816. The palace itself is closed to the public, though. However, you can still roam around and enjoy the vast impeccably manicured gardens surrounding the palace ares which is also surrounded by a great moat. In the East garden there is a stone wall that has been standing since the palace was known as the Edo Castle which was a place where samurai resided in between the 17th and 19th century. Among the greenery and stone walls, this historical and beautiful area is a great spot to take some memorable photos.
In between the Imperial palace and Tokyo station is the Marunouchi area. It's called the Madison Avenue of Japan for it was redeveloped on an up-market scale making it very posh area filled with high-end brands and specialty shops. The buildings in this area are designed in lined with modern Japanese architectural designs.
If you are hungry and near Shinkjuku station, Yakitori Alley is just a stone's throw away. Yakitori is a kind of skewered chicken and the alley itself is a narrow, winding passageway filled with food stalls selling grilled meat and seafood. This hidden jewel under the railways of the station can be easy to miss but don't worry you can find these find of food stalls everywhere. From these street food stalls could buy some of the of the best and tastiest foods. Not only are they mouth-watering good but also pretty cheap. So you don't need to visit a fancy restaurant to get a taste of the best Japanese food, just stop at food stall when you see one! Street food vendors sell everything from noodles, chips to rice topped meals.
So when you get tired of walking around this enormous city but want to still see more, you can take a relaxing ride on a cruise ship along the Sumida River. The Sumida River is the largest river in Tokyo and you will have one of the best seats in the house from which to view the whole city. Despite the towering sky scrapers, Tokyo has managed to incorporate modern design with the traditional. Along the cruise, you will find the bustling Tsukiji fish market which handles the majority Japan's fishing commerce. At 5:00AM the auctions begin and by around 8:00AM the market is alive with buyers crowding around to buy fresh fish from specialty dealers. You can even feast on the freshest fish in Japan in one of the neighboring sushi restaurants in the outer market area.

Fully enjoy the unique atmosphere and charm of each district, such as Asakusa, Akihabara, Shibuya, Harajuku. From sunrise to sunset to night views, Tokyo is a city that has something for everyone!
Sakura Cherry Blossom and Temple
Tokyo is nothing without it's people and one of best reasons to come visit. The Japanese are hospitable, friendly, and make you easily feel like a member of the family (even though you're perfect strangers!). The Japanese are honest and genuine and tend not to bother with gossip. They spend years studying so they can be meaningful contributors to society, which can be seen through their technological advancements. Japan is one of the leading countries in science and technology, just check out all the smartphones, gadgets, computers and etc. at any electronic store around Tokyo. Despite the use of technology to make people's live easier and more efficient, they also remember to commemorate their history and culture. There are festivals held all over Japan all year round and it's important to many to pass on these traditions to the next generation.
Even though Tokyo is a large city, it's very incredibly safe and practically spotless. There will be someone there to help you in your time of need. There also police boxes around the area to help keep the area safe, as well. Tokyo and citizens will keep you in good hands.
Give yourself an experience to remember with photos and stories to share with your friends. Tokyo can be described in one word and that's awe-inspiring. So why Tokyo? Between the shopping, the restaurants, unique technological advances, and a traditional culture that has survived into modern times, it's like a whole new world for you to explore!

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