In Japan, Shinto is one of the most common religion of the nation. It is like animism, people worship the nature, their ancestors, or even national hero. They say there are 8 million gods, it is very easily to say everything has god in it. There are many unique god you can ever imagine, in this entry I will let you know one of the very unique type of festivals in Japan. The image itself is a little too unique so before I put the actual image I will warn you to make sure that you are in safe environment...please do not see it in the crowded office or near children....
Elizabeth Mikoshi
Yeah, yeah, I know it is a little obvious. Can you guess what kinds of god is this? This is an actually a traditional Japanese festival, which held at Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture every year on the first Sunday of April. This festivals called Kanamara Festival, direct translation will be iron penis festival, kana means metal in this case iron, mara means slung for penis. Oh name of this portable shrine is Elizabeth by the way, it was donated by Trans Sexual Bar Elizabeth Kaikan...
In the Shrine two kinds of gods, Kanayama hikono kami and Kanayama hime no kami are enshrined they are god and goddess of mining and blacksmith. However they are also worshiped as the gods of sexual intercourse.
Original festival had been celebrated by Meshimori women, They were waitresses of small town inns, they often acted as some sort of prostitutes in Edo period, they wished for their health and especially for No STD. Today the wish had been expanded to No HIV movement also.
In the festival you can see many vivid images of sexual genitals. This festival is very unique and you can handle the image this is one a great story to tell experience!! Enjoy!!
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In this time, we prepare the Kanamara Matsuri Festival Watching Tour!! Shall we go and enjoy together?
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