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Lost and Found at Narita Int’l Airport

I took an overnight trip to Shikoku recently and the unthinkable happened… I lost my cellphone in the airport. So how do you find lost or missing items in such a huge place like Narita Int’l Airport? Ask yourself these questions. 1. Did you lose your item(s) in one of the terminals? If yes and […]

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100yen shops and why you need them as part of your travel budget

While much of Tokyo is costly to travel and be entertained in, there is one small saving grace, and that is the 100yen shops. While there are many to choose from, offering anything under the sun, there are several I prefer. Lawson Store 100, Flet’s, and Daiso. All offer everything from edible products to cleaning […]

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Need to make an international withdrawl? Here’s a few places.

Japan is hugely a cash-based society, and it’s a good idea to take out as much money as you think you’ll need for your trip. However, if you are ever strapped for cash, there are a few places to go to make international withdrawals. 1. You can withdraw money from any ATM at any JP […]

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