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Japanese style cuisine has something for everyone…vegans, vegetarians and Muslims are welcome!

A professor from India visited a university in Japan once and because of his cultural and religious beliefs he has to follow a strict diet, so he couldn't enjoy such dishes as yakiniku (grilled...

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Tokyo Locals Enjoy A Variety Of Delicious Meals vol2

Udon cont. from OK, let's go daily. Udon is one of the noodles often eaten in Japan, like Soba noodles or Ramen...

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Do you know these websites that could double your options for what to do in Tokyo?

If you are interested in events in Tokyo, but don't know where to look, then these websites will help you get more options for what to do in Tokyo and help you experience a face of Tokyo you would...

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A wide variety of events in Japan “JAPAN ATTRACTIONS”

Recently, it has become easy to get information of Japan in English. However, there are a lot of tourist spots’ information, it is surprisingly hard to find local limited-time events. If you are in...

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If you want to know the exchange rate

You can check this website. By Naoaki

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