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Hydrangea Temple Gardens in Kamakura

Temples in Kamakura are especially gorgeous and charming during the blooming season of the hydrangea. They’re are in full bloom from about mid-June to earl July. Meigetsuin Temple and Tokeiji Temple are best known for their hydrangeas. Hasedera Temple Enjoy more than 40 kinds of hydrangeas while walking up the hills of Hasedera Temple. From […]

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The best accessible beaches around the Tokyo Metro Area

Summer will come soon!! And when the rainy season is over (June and July) many people flock to the beaches. You have a limited window of time to go swimming because jellyfish usually appear around August 15th. So, if you are lucky enough to plan your trip at this time, why not check out one […]

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Firework and Traditional Festivals 2013

Firework and Traditional Summer Festivals in Japan 2013 Here’s a list of Firework and Traditional Summer Festivals in Japan 2013. Fireworks, or hanabi, is one of the summer treasures in Japan and it’s a great way to spend your summer nights. Of course you can go in a T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops but […]

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