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Tattoos: to cover or not to cover, that is the question, and beyond.

People from outside Japan often ask me what they should do about their tattoos when they come to Japan, and if they should worry about them showing. The answer is actually pretty simple based upon the question, do you plan on going swimming or going to an onsen? If the answer is yes, then you […]

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18 Kit Kat Flavors Exclusive Only To Japan

Kit Kat means “sure to win” in Japanese Japan is the world’s 2nd-largest Kit Kat consumer behind UK, where the chocolate crisp was born in 1935. The word “Kit Kat” sounds similar to the phrase “Kitto Katsu (sure to win)” in Japanese and is perfect as a small gift to someone who needs a good […]

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5 Best shopping stores in Tokyo you must not miss

There is a new version of this blog with updated information. Please view it here: 5 Best Shopping Areas in Tokyo You Must Not Miss – Planetyze. If you are interested in fashion, do you know first thing you must do in this season in Tokyo? Checking out the autumn collection! This land of wonders […]

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